Capt. Light Shine, shortly following the Changling-Equestria War

An earth pony born 20 years prior to the Return of Princess Luna, Light Shine exhibits the special talent of inspiring confidence in those around him. He is marked by an unusual ability to emit a soft glow which intensifies as he exhibits strong emotion.


Despite his lack of self-confidence, he is a very stubborn pony, and holds fast to his personal moral code and strives to maintain a sense of dignity and honor. Unfortunately, his attachments to procedures and tradition make him slow to adapt to new ways of thought.


Early YearsEdit

Diplomatic staff, meeting Heartshine, Dusk Wisp, and Ivy Scrollheart, selected to participate on intel gathering/diplomatic mission to Changelings, meeting Stormy Seas.

The Changeling Equestria WarEdit

Proponent of Skyship warships, designer, service aboard the HMRA Celestia, refitting the skyships, trainer at new Air Fleet Academy, skyship/navy tours.

Hatred Crisis/Princess Cold WarEdit

Escape from Princesses, gathering Dusk, Ivy, and Heartshine, discovery of "Hatred," journey to Sydneigh, rescue of Stormy Seas, confrontation with feral Changelings and Hatred-possessed Chrysalis, return to Equestria with "cure." Marries Ivy.

"Skyship Diplomat" and Applied Magic TechnologiesEdit

Advocate of continued use of skyship design over proposed cloudships, envoys to griffins, zebras, dragons, diamond dogs to establish stronger economic ties, retires from Air Fleet service upon decommisioning of Celestia, joins wife in management of AMT, proponent of magic-based tech over coal, continues to modify skyship desings despite pressure to use cloudships.

Diplomacy and the Great WarEdit

Tensions with zebras get high, called back to diplomacy, pushes wife to acquire Celestia from museum for repares and minor refitting, war breaks out, struggles to maintain neutrality with diamond dogs, and secures some griffin clans as "allies," Celestia used to transport diplomatic envoys, transfers to Ministry of Peace unpon abdication of Princess Celestia.

Food Storage Project and EntrapmentEdit

Promotion to head of Diplomatic Affairs, argues against development of megaspells, opposes development of cloudships, advocate for Shattered Hoof talks, maintains close relationship with Dusk, works with Ivy to build a few bunkers filled with seeds for future use, Celestia stored in main bunker for use to distribute seeds, participates in development of new skyship in Stable 13, recommends Heartshine for use in the "Pony Stasis Healing" experiement, Dusk traps Light Shine's soul in power armor and seals him with the Celestia.

Re-Awakening and the Gates of TartarusEdit

200 years later, is re-awakened by Heartshine, journey to repair Celestia, and... the rest is yet to be written.



Firm friends since meeting in their early years in Canterlot, Light Shine views her as a little sister.

Stormy SeasEdit

Maintains a respectful, professional relationship, though enjoys a good laugh. Respects his opinion.

Ivy ScrollheartEdit

At first is oblivious to her attraction to him, later marries her just after the Hatred Crisis, have three foals.

Dusk WispEdit

Initially antagonistic, later become firm friends, and use each other's connections to keep informed.

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