List of EventsEdit

Year 0: Return of Princess Luna

2: Royal Wedding, first changeling encounter; journey of LS, HS, and group to Changeling territory, (Changeling-Equestrian War begins shortly after)

3: Establishment of Applied Magic Technologies(arcane tech) by Flim and Fla

4: Skyship construction begins, HMRA Luna and Celestia; development of spell machines and batteries

5: Skyships launched, and used in liberation of Cloudsdale, End of C-E War


7: With the shocking discovery the the Equestrian leylines were much, much shallower than originally thought, explorers are sent out in search of new sources of leyline magic, and talk commences with the Dragons and griffins about trade(which largely fail) by late year, Sydneigh is established near an apparently large collection of deep leylines

8: Equestrian leylines mostly depleted, gemstones are used as an expensive alternative; Flim and Flam leave AMT, and est. Stable Industries(earth tech) and begin development of coal-powered machines and power










-Last contact with Sydneigh -Maiden voyage of the Leviathan to Sydneigh -Military expedition sent to discover fate of Leviathan and Sydneigh; two weeks later expedition returns to Equestria

9: Princess Cold Civil War/Hatred Crisis

-Princesses begin conspiring against each other? -Celestia approaches Light Shine/Luna approaches Dusk Wisp about skyships, Light and Dusk steal skyships and hide; Light and Dusk investigate causes for Princesses’ odd behavior for two weeks, then kidnap Mane 6 and “escape” to Sydneigh.

-Stormy rescued, arrival at Sydneigh.

-defeat of Hate-possessed Chrysalis; Ironshod Firearms established by Luna(using Highlander guns as an initial template); Heroes return to Equestria, begin purge











10: Search for Leviathan begins.

11: Leviathan is found and salvaged; restoration project begins.


13: Restored Leviathan relaunched and used for training and technology testbed.

14: Stable Ind. requests Canterlot gov’t to open trade with zebras in order to acquire more coal; Development of landships(precursor to tanks)









23: OSS formed(intel gathering agency)





28: New skyship design launched to replace aging Celestia and Luna.

29: Leviathan decommissioned and mothballed.

30: (Original skyships decommissioned; Celestia retired to military museum, Luna kept in reserve, akin to the USS Constitution or HMS Victory.)?





35: Hippocratic Research Technologies - Flim and Flam

36: Trade tensions: zebras begin issuing minor embargoes/tariffs





41: Hostage crisis, formation of the Army of Equestria

42: Great War starts; Mane 6 used as unofficial advisors to Celestia; Luna and Celestia brought 'into active service again; Leviathan recommissioned and refitted as a commerce raider.



45: Discussion on new military vessels: Cloudship vs skyship, surface vessels vs sub-cruiser hybrids, landships vs heavily armored troops


47: Battle: Luna faces off with dragons, is destroyed; new cloudship prototypes rushed

48: Construction of Stables commences; Celestia brought out of service, purchased by AMT, 'AMT uses Celestia for transport and minor testing.


50: Raptor-class cloudships enter service

51: Littlehorn Massacre

52: Celestia abdicates, Luna takes over gov’t and founds Ministries.

53: Shadowbolts formed, Thunderhead-class siege platforms launched


55: Megaspell tests


57: Battle of Shattered Hoof Ridge; Dusk and Light realize the inevitability of widespread 'destruction; development of power armor

58: Building of Valiant to be a new tri-race skyship. Involves Ministries of Awesome, Arcane 'Tech, and Wartime Tech. RD heads project. LS brought in as advisor on construction of new 'skyship. Light Shine and Ivy Scroll privately restore the Celestia with arc caster tech as part of 'Light’s project for storing seeds for the future(?).

59: Heartshine locked into Stable 13; Fluttershy gives Megaspells to the Zebras; Leviathan returns to dock for repairs; Celestia stored in main Seed Storage bunker.

60: Megaspells drop; Leviathan launched following infiltration of bunker without Stormy; Light Shine is trapped in a "soul jar" power armor.

260: Littlepip emerges from Stable 2, defeats the Goddess, Red Eye, and , and activates the SPP.

261: Heartshine wakes from Stable 13, reunites with Light Shine(power armor) and Stormy Seas

262: New Canterlot Republic is officially formed(?).

265: Gardens of Equestria is activated.

267: Littlepip clears most of the skies.


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