Wisp is an ebony coloured Unicorn who adventures with Light Shine and his friends. He joins the group prior to the war as Luna's attache to the think tank that Light Shine heads prior to the Changeling War.

Pre-Changeling War EraEdit

As a colt, he entertained himself by learning teleportation spells. However, an accident that occurred during a particularly long teleport left him blinded and unable to teleport more than a few feet in front of him. However, the injury did give him the ability to see while he was teleporting, which, combined with a talent for casting several teleportation spells a second, meant that he often looks somewhat etherial around others. When moving quickly, Wisp often appears merely as a blurred trail of afterimages. Wisp trained with the remnants of the Night Guard, and as such, has a natural aptitude for weapons of war. He prefers small blades that can be strapped to the hooves, allowing him to teleport around his enemies and deliver quick, decisive blows.

Despite his training, Wisp is very uncomfortable around other ponies. He is extremely lonely, but hides this from others behind a shell of brusqueness. It isn't until he has a chance encounter with a lost filly named Heartshine that he began to open up to the ponies around him.

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